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BBC Calls the Car Insurance Industry a Rip-Off

The Car insurance industry may be often described as a rip-off, an out of control industry or unregulated by no matter how motorists describe this industry, the fact still remains that they have to endure the exorbitant premiums being set by their insurance companies. As based on the recent BBC program, Rip Off Britain, car [...]

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Car Insurance Companies Speak Up Against Uninsured Driving

A couple of car insurance companies are now asking the government to make a move with regards to motorists driving without a car insurance coverage. According to these companies, the current penalty rates of uninsured motorists are mediocre and do not enforce motorists to follow the governments guidelines in terms of insuring against road fatalities. [...]

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Car Insurance Premiums Cost More for Singles than for Married Couples

Car insurance rates have been a cause of distraught to many motorists. With the ever-increasing premiums, garage repair costs and petrol prices; it is certainly hard for one to save a penny nowadays. And even with the current slight decreases in car insurance costs, premiums are still at a staggering height. This is why a [...]

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