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Car Insurance Company’s Poll Speaks of a Fear Amongst Motorists

Before the end of 2011, a lot of car insurance companies advised British motorists to drive and park their cars safely. This is due to the persistent drunk-driving and car theft that occurs during the Christmas season. Now, British drivers seem to be in perpetual fear of having their vehicles stolen. This is in spite [...]

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Government Campaign to Address Rising Car Insurance Premiums

With the continuous increases in car insurance premiums, British motorists are gradually being forced off the road. It is because of this fact that the British government and various motoring committees have decided to place their heads together in order to find a solution. As of a recent date, it has been decided that a [...]

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The best places to buy car insurance

The best place to buy car insurance would probably be on the internet. This is because of the assortment of sites that people can choose from. If you live in the United Kingdom then you can make a search for online car insurance companies according that are based in the United Kingdom. This will allow [...]

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