Where do I begin my quest for low cost car insurance?

I’ve now got a vested interest in finding cheap car insurance. It was never something that bothered me before, but I’ve taken the plunge and am having driving lessons. Hopefully before much longer, I’ll have passed the dreaded test and will be able to get myself a set of wheels.

So, being an organised sort of soul, I decided to take a look around and think about which companies I would approach when I come to look for insurance.

But where do I start? We’re continually seeing adverts for cheap car insurance. Should I visit compare the meerkat, sorry market.com and trust my luck to the cuddly Aleksandr Orlov? After all, he says its simples and promises me that the villagers of Meerkovo will reward me with an exclusive meerkat toy.

I’ve ruled out Go Compare simply because I can’t stand listening to that opera singer. Not my cup of tea at all. Maybe they’d grab my attention if they had a rock star singing car insurance rocks or something, but opera – never.

Then we’ve got Martin Clunes and the Churchill hound, which incidentally must be about the same age as Martin by now, although it doesn’t appear to age. That advert really doesn’t do a lot for me either.

Another possibility would be the AA. Now I haven’t seen any adverts on TV for their car insurance, but I am learning to drive through them and I’ve been told I could get a discount if I go on to take Pass Plus after I’ve passed the initial driving test.

Of course I appreciate that the cost of this insurance is dependant on a number of factors. I’m no spring chicken but I’m not actually a dinosaur yet so age wise, I fit somewhere in the middle.

Then there’s the type and age of car to consider. I’ll just be going for a little run around. I’m not a speed freak so I don’t need anything with a massive souped up engine; just a nice little car that gets me from A to B.

I read somewhere that where I live can also influence the price of car insurance. That hardly seems fair but what does in this day and age. I found an online list showing how car insurance firms rate post code areas but for some strange reason, my current postcode doesn’t show up on the list.

Once I start looking in earnest, I’ll no doubt get bombarded with phone calls from companies claiming to offer me the best deal. In the meantime, all I can do is concentrate on stage one of the whole operation – passing my test!

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