Car Insurance Company’s Poll Speaks of a Fear Amongst Motorists

Car Insurance Company’s 300x207 Car Insurance Company’s Poll Speaks of a Fear Amongst MotoristsBefore the end of 2011, a lot of car insurance companies advised British motorists to drive and park their cars safely. This is due to the persistent drunk-driving and car theft that occurs during the Christmas season.

Now, British drivers seem to be in perpetual fear of having their vehicles stolen. This is in spite of the fact that statistics for car theft has fallen.

According to a newly released poll, motorists fear having their cars broken into or even stolen. With around 2,500 drivers in theUKtaking part in the poll, the percentage of fearful motorists was at 74 %. This current anxiety could possibly be linked to the general since of disquiet due to the economic state of the country.

InEast MidlandsandYorkshire, the drivers are the most worries as compared to other motorists in different parts of the country. 80 % of drivers from this region continually worry about having their car stolen. Drivers inScotland, on the other hand, seem to be the less worried with 63 % of motorists afraid of having their car stolen.

According to the car insurance company that has conducted the poll, this certain fear is unfounded because the numbers of car claims for stolen cars have actually lessened. During the past ten years, there have been lesser and lesser cases of car theft.

Last year, less than 0.16 % of car insurance policy holders have had their vehicles stolen. This is in contrast with the 0.54 % of motorists who have had their car stolen ten years earlier.

The car insurance company also added that if their statistics will be taken into consideration, it can be seen that the car crime in out country has indeed fallen and that all of this worry is not necessary.

According to their spokesperson, “The country is now going through a general sense of unsettledness and this could be seen as the major reason for all of anxiety. After all, our vehicles are one of our most treasured possessions. However, car manufacturers are getting better and better at their craft and they often include excellent security features to each vehicle that is being manufactured. This has to be one of the reasons why the car crime statistics in the country has lessened with each passing year. After all, now our vehicles are more difficult to break into and much more difficult to steal.”

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