Association of British Insurers’ Director Speaks Up Against Fraud and Uninsured Driving During Conference

car insurance coverage 300x199 Association of British Insurers’ Director Speaks Up Against Fraud and Uninsured Driving During ConferenceIn a campaign to spread safety awareness among young drivers, the Association of British Insurers has outlined 5 top priorities that relate to driving safely and car insurance coverage.

It has been estimated that everyday, around 18 young motorists are killed or injured while driving on the road. In a desperate move to reduce these shocking numbers, the organization behind car insurance providers has decided to create a safety awareness campaign.

During the ABI Motor Conference yesterday, the director of ABI, Otto Thoresen stated that, “As a country with some of the busiest roads in the world, insurance providers must be focused on the safety and providing the best coverage towards their policy holders.”

“One of the best ways to make this possible is by creating a widespread awareness among young drivers, who make up the majority of motorists involved in road casualties. Five years back car insurance companies called for certain measures, such as a minor learning timeframe to take care of these accidents, but within each day there are nearly 20 young drivers who are either killed or badly injured on our British roads.”

“Insurance companies have already embraced the ‘black box system’ which allows them to reward young drivers for safe driving. However, insurers cannot do this by themselves. We are calling upon the government to help us make all of this possible. This is probably the best time to consider having a zero tolerance for drink-and-drive motorists under the age of 25, graduated licensing and restrictions on driving during the wee-hours of the night or morning.”

The Association of British Insurers has also highlighted other priorities like the increasing costs of whiplash, compensation and uninsured driving. “With one motorist claiming whiplash per minute, insurers try to seek for a better method of identifying legitimate and authentic claims. The overdue reform to compensate genuine claimants, prohibit fraud and remove legal costs that are due to personal injury claim cases.

“Early next year (2012), there will be new initiatives to fight fraudulent claims. This is because of the new insurance police unit and insurance fraud register that will be opened. In lieu of these changes, it is deemed probable that uninsured driving will gradually become a thing of the past because of the penalties that will be forced against them if caught.”

ABI director added, “There are not a lot of insurance products that provoke opinion like car insurance. Policy holders only naturally expect quality to the products that they purchase from us. The insurance industry must strive to up its game and make sure that all expectations are met.”

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