Car Insurance Scam Exposed in Hammond

car wreck 300x240 Car Insurance Scam Exposed in HammondOne reason why our car insurance rates have been going up is because of the various car insurance scams. As of lately, a woman from Hammond has been alleged of scamming certain car insurance companies for almost three consecutive years. From 2007 all throughout 2009, Shinita Mosley (Shinita Smith) has been scamming and defrauding the car insurance companies in order to receive an aid to attend the Indiana University. This information came from the U.S court within the District of Hammond. Shinita Mosley has also been known to come into agreement with the prosecutors.

In accordance with the information that has been filed against Shinita Mosley, she started working in late 2007 to arrange various scenes to become fake sites for accidents. In one recorded instance, Shinita was known to have had an accident in her Grand Am. This happened in August of 2007. She filed an insurance claim on her behalf and of a child who wasn’t even her own. She was sent a check one month after she filed a claim. Another instance that involved Shinita Mosley and an insurance claim was when she was allegedly hijacked.

All of this information comes from records that have been kept. However, within these records, the total amount of money that she has received from the car insurance companies has not been stated. Yet the victims have been taken note of. Among her victims are Farmer’s Insurance Company, Hartfort Car Insurance, All State Information and State Farm Car Insurance.

Upon submission of a car insurance application, there are various pieces of information that are required. However, it appears that Shinita Mosley did not declare the financial aid that she has been receiving from a charity in Illinois. This aid was supposedly for child care. Unfortunately, it was all part of her lies.

Since Shinita Mosley has been able to arrange a plea agreement, she is going to plead guilty to seven counts of insurance fraud and three other separate offenses. These latter offences are mail fraud, statement falsification and financial aid fraud. Most of these offences are charged with an imprisonment sentence of two decades. Also, she has agreed to pay back the restitution to all of the victims.

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