The UK’s top 5 motor insurance companies

Car Insurance Companies 300x203 The UKs top 5 motor insurance companiesCar insurance companies do not get to the top unless they have proven themselves worthy. Having great deals with competitive prices is one way to get to the very top. Another aspect that will help cheap car insurance companies reach the top rung is by acquiring mass approval and trust.

Obtaining good car insurance reviews and feedback will also help a company accommodate a spot in the top five most recommended and trusted insurance companies in the United Kingdom.

There are quite a few car insurance companies that have been regarded with respect and credence. This is because of the satisfaction that they have acclaimed from their policy holders. The quality of service that these companies have conveyed towards their customers is simply absolute. In addition to this, having reasonable car insurance rates also helps a lot.

One company that is part of the top 5 motor insurance companies in the UK is AA Car Insurance. Automobile Association Car Insurance is one of the largest insurance companies that can be found in the United Kingdom. And apart from being the largest, it is also one of the highly regarded companies worldwide. This motor insurance company offers high quality customer service with cheap car insurance rates.

Another highly recommended insurance company is AXA Insurance. AXA is a well known car insurance company throughout the world. And aside from being one of the most popular names in the industry, they also offer top notch quality service partnered with an undeniable drive in achieving customer satisfaction.

The third car insurance company that is featured is Nationwide Motor Insurance. This insurance company exceeds all expectations. With a 24 hour customer service, their customer service is unparallel. Yet, the main underline here is the 75% no claim discount that they provide to their policy holders. It is no wonder this insurance company has been gathering up thousands of excellent car insurance reviews.

The next insurance company to be mentioned is Norwich Union. This car insurance company is part of the world renowned AVIVA group. It is also rated to be the 5th most popular insurance company in the whole world. With cheap car insurance premiums and comprehensive packages, this company is regarded as excellent.

The last car insurance company that will complete the top 5 alignment is Young Drivers. Young Drivers is very popular in the United Kingdom especially among drivers aged 19-30. Since young drivers are often given high car insurance rates because of the risk that they pose, Young Drivers have decided to put a stop to this age discrimination. Due to this and their other incentives, Young Drivers has become the popular choice for young drivers all throughout the United Kingdom.

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