Where do I begin my quest for low cost car insurance?

I’ve now got a vested interest in finding cheap car insurance. It was never something that bothered me before, but I’ve taken the plunge and am having driving lessons. Hopefully before much longer, I’ll have passed the dreaded test and will be able to get myself a set of wheels.

So, being an organised sort of soul, I decided to take a look around and think about which companies I would approach when I come to look for insurance.

But where do I start? We’re continually seeing adverts for cheap car insurance. Should I visit compare the meerkat, sorry market.com and trust my luck to the cuddly Aleksandr Orlov? After all, he says its simples and promises me that the villagers of Meerkovo will reward me with an exclusive meerkat toy.

I’ve ruled out Go Compare simply because I can’t stand listening to that opera singer. Not my cup of tea at all. Maybe they’d grab my attention if they had a rock star singing car insurance rocks or something, but opera – never.

Then we’ve got Martin Clunes and the Churchill hound, which incidentally must be about the same age as Martin by now, although it doesn’t appear to age. That advert really doesn’t do a lot for me either.

Another possibility would be the AA. Now I haven’t seen any adverts on TV for their car insurance, but I am learning to drive through them and I’ve been told I could get a discount if I go on to take Pass Plus after I’ve passed the initial driving test.

Of course I appreciate that the cost of this insurance is dependant on a number of factors. I’m no spring chicken but I’m not actually a dinosaur yet so age wise, I fit somewhere in the middle.

Then there’s the type and age of car to consider. I’ll just be going for a little run around. I’m not a speed freak so I don’t need anything with a massive souped up engine; just a nice little car that gets me from A to B.

I read somewhere that where I live can also influence the price of car insurance. That hardly seems fair but what does in this day and age. I found an online list showing how car insurance firms rate post code areas but for some strange reason, my current postcode doesn’t show up on the list.

Once I start looking in earnest, I’ll no doubt get bombarded with phone calls from companies claiming to offer me the best deal. In the meantime, all I can do is concentrate on stage one of the whole operation – passing my test!

Is the cheapest car insurance the best?

Cheap Car Insurance Quotes 174x300 Is the cheapest car insurance the best?Everybody likes a steal. However, does this mean that we have acquired a quality product or service? Does this say that we have bested others? The answer is no. Let’s take our car insurance policy as an instance. If we got a cheap car insurance rate, we have probably only gotten the required coverage that is asked of us. And with minimal to non-existent coverage, we are in for a big predicament in case of an accident.

The cheapest car insurance isn’t always the best option for us to determine. Choosing the cheapest available car insurance coverage will make policy holders more susceptible and vulnerable. This is because they do not have extra coverage to help them make it through this crucial and distressing time. Of course accidents are not something that anyone has deliberately wished for or caused, but they do happen. Being a cautious and responsible driver is not enough because you are not the only driver on the road. There are also a lot of other drivers who do not recognize nor register the words restraint and cautiousness. Hence, accidents can happen to the best of us.

If you just purchased your car insurance policy, you are now in the market for a cheap car insurance scheme. Yet, just like what is stated above, picking the cheapest car insurance rates is not the way to go. There are other discounts that you can avail without lessening your coverage. Claim free discounts, multi-car discounts, good driver discounts, homeowner’s discounts, paid-in-full discounts and vehicle safety discounts are a few deductions that you can enjoy without putting your car insurance coverage on the line.

Now, let’s say that you don’t have your own house and you only have one car to insure, there are still other car insurance discounts that you can avail. Being a good driver and paying in full will allot you two discounts already. If you can’t pay in full but you are a good driver, your car has a steering wheel installed and an approved car alarm; you have already racked up three discounts there. What is important is that you find a reliable motor insurance company that has good car insurance reviews. Having a reliable insurance company will allow you to choose many comprehensive and competitive packages of car insurance policies with cheap car insurance rates. After all, we should never settle for anything less but for everything best.

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The best places to buy car insurance

Buy Car Insurance 300x200 The best places to buy car insurance The best place to buy car insurance would probably be on the internet. This is because of the assortment of sites that people can choose from. If you live in the United Kingdom then you can make a search for online car insurance companies according that are based in the United Kingdom. This will allow you the peace of mind that you are dealing with a reliable and trustworthy company. And if you want to gain much more that will cost much less, you can choose from multiple sites that are unbounded by location. Just ensure that these cheap car insurance companies have good car insurance reviews and surveys.

Now, when we say ‘the internet’, we are actually talking about a very vast virtual space. There are thousands of car insurance companies that you can find online. This competition between these insurance companies leads them to offering comprehensive packages with the cheapest car insurance cost. And as much as it may benefit us, it also renders us inopportune. Due to the surge of good insurance companies with cheap car insurance rates, it makes it harder for us to actually make up our mind on which company to choose.

Hence, the best choice to start your search for competitive and promising car insurance plans is at site comparison websites. These websites will allow you to access different motor insurance companies that deem capable of serving your insurance needs. It is a great way to check out the best offers and cheapest car insurance policies available in your area. What you, as a future policy holder, need to do is to make sure that you have got your policies down pat. You need to be assured of the coverage schemes that will be included in your whole car insurance scheme.

Apart from this, you can also search for the top 10 car insurance companies with good car insurance rates that are in your area. This will indulge you with the knowledge of the most relied and recommended insurance companies. Once you have this list, you can also check out their online websites singularly. Once you have seen promising offers at very reasonable prices, keep note of the company or you can always bookmark the link so you won’t have trouble finding it once again.

Finding the cheapest car insurance online is not as time consuming or tiring as insurance policy comparisons used to be. Therefore, take advantage of that computer and find the suitable car insurance company for you.

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How to compare car insurance quotes

Compare Car Insurance 300x177 How to compare car insurance quotes If you want to compare your car insurance quote with other quotes, then you need to get in front of a computer. The easiest and fastest way to compare insurance quotes without actually going around town is through the internet. There are unlimited car insurance companies that are available online. The best thing about these online companies is that they understand and value your time. Because of this understanding, they have created a system that will allow you to check various cheap car insurance quotes online for free with the use of their car insurance calculator.

Most online car insurance companies that offer free quote estimations will only take a small part of your time. All you have to do is to answer the various questions that they have prepared as part of the quote determinant. These car insurance questions may vary per company. The majority of the questions will be about you and your car. Some factors that may be included in a questionnaire are the type and model of car that you are driving and your driving record. Apart from this, other factors that are deemed important in determining the risk that you present will also be included.

Now that you know what to expect from car insurance virtual companies, the next step is to compare. Well, this part is actually easy. You have two options. One option is to use tabs to view the different car insurance rates. Once you have searched for car insurance companies online, you can open up the top results in tabs. This procedure might be a little slow but the end results will be transparency and accuracy. The second option is to search for a website that will do the comparing for you. Since a website like this has their own server and database, they will be able to access different online insurance companies and see what insurance quote will be the best for you. They will also be able to search the companies that are in your area with the best car insurance reviews.

Since everyone would like to get low car insurance rates, it is better to review the factors that might affect this quote. Once you have gained the knowledge on what to do or what not to do, you just might get a chance to lessen the probability of getting a low insurance quote. At the end of the day, these car insurance factors might be able to help you but being a responsible driver will help you even more.

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The UK’s top 5 motor insurance companies

Car Insurance Companies 300x203 The UKs top 5 motor insurance companiesCar insurance companies do not get to the top unless they have proven themselves worthy. Having great deals with competitive prices is one way to get to the very top. Another aspect that will help cheap car insurance companies reach the top rung is by acquiring mass approval and trust.

Obtaining good car insurance reviews and feedback will also help a company accommodate a spot in the top five most recommended and trusted insurance companies in the United Kingdom.

There are quite a few car insurance companies that have been regarded with respect and credence. This is because of the satisfaction that they have acclaimed from their policy holders. The quality of service that these companies have conveyed towards their customers is simply absolute. In addition to this, having reasonable car insurance rates also helps a lot.

One company that is part of the top 5 motor insurance companies in the UK is AA Car Insurance. Automobile Association Car Insurance is one of the largest insurance companies that can be found in the United Kingdom. And apart from being the largest, it is also one of the highly regarded companies worldwide. This motor insurance company offers high quality customer service with cheap car insurance rates.

Another highly recommended insurance company is AXA Insurance. AXA is a well known car insurance company throughout the world. And aside from being one of the most popular names in the industry, they also offer top notch quality service partnered with an undeniable drive in achieving customer satisfaction.

The third car insurance company that is featured is Nationwide Motor Insurance. This insurance company exceeds all expectations. With a 24 hour customer service, their customer service is unparallel. Yet, the main underline here is the 75% no claim discount that they provide to their policy holders. It is no wonder this insurance company has been gathering up thousands of excellent car insurance reviews.

The next insurance company to be mentioned is Norwich Union. This car insurance company is part of the world renowned AVIVA group. It is also rated to be the 5th most popular insurance company in the whole world. With cheap car insurance premiums and comprehensive packages, this company is regarded as excellent.

The last car insurance company that will complete the top 5 alignment is Young Drivers. Young Drivers is very popular in the United Kingdom especially among drivers aged 19-30. Since young drivers are often given high car insurance rates because of the risk that they pose, Young Drivers have decided to put a stop to this age discrimination. Due to this and their other incentives, Young Drivers has become the popular choice for young drivers all throughout the United Kingdom.

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Making funny car insurance adverts

Cheap Car Insurance Adverts 267x300 Making funny car insurance advertsAcquiring the cheapest car insurance coverage is possible with the help of online car insurance companies. However, there are too many online insurance companies that are competing with each other. Most of the time, you do not know which one to choose despite the promise of a really low insurance quote. This is because you have never heard of the company and know nothing about it. Since most people are smartening up against scams and virtual extortions, it is harder to gain their trust. And the harder it is to gain their trust will make it twice as difficult to sell them products and services. Hence, online car insurance companies do not just need cheap car insurance policies; they also need to make sure that they advertise well and wide.

There are a lot of car insurance TV adverts that have laugh out loud moments. The effort that these people exert in their advertising strategies is almost desperate. However, despite this, there are a lot of funny insurance adverts that are successful despite their tackiness. One example is the meerkat commercial. Now, this is one potentially disaster commercial if it wasn’t for the curiosity and inquisitiveness of the people. The big surprise is that this tacky yet expensive advert actually exceeded all expectations. With millions of visitors, a gargantuan amount of website traffic and exceptional car insurance reviews, this funny car insurance advert has certainly done its job.

Now, this car insurance advert showing a meerkat complaining that their website is often confused with CompareTheMarket.com is quite brilliant despite of its ludicrousness. This is because the curiosity of the people is piqued about the meerkat and the car insurance calculator that offers a free online quote. And once they got curious, one by one they turned on their desktops and notebook PC’s to see just what all of this commotion is about. Of course, some just might have found the meerkat cute and would have wanted to see more. However, it has certainly rolled the snowball. And you can tell that the snowball is now humongous because CompareTheMarket.com is among the top listings of online car insurance companies with the best car insurance reviews.

Advertising is one way to make sure you create definite and fortuitous impact on the people. And with the many daily troubles and huge obstacles in our lives, it is truly no wonder these advertisers and car insurance companies choose humor and cheap car insurance policies as their marketing weapon. Ergo, laughter is not only the best medicine but it is also the most effective way to market when it is done the proper way.

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BBC Calls the Car Insurance Industry a Rip-Off

Car Insurance Industry 300x180 BBC Calls the Car Insurance Industry a Rip OffThe Car insurance industry may be often described as a rip-off, an out of control industry or unregulated by no matter how motorists describe this industry, the fact still remains that they have to endure the exorbitant premiums being set by their insurance companies.

As based on the recent BBC program, Rip Off Britain, car insurance companies seem to competing against giving the highest premiums. And unlike the old times wherein a motorists would only be required to pay for a cover that is based on the car value, horse power and number of years that the drivers hasn’t made a claim; motorists have to endure more factors now that they ever had. Nowadays, a motorist’s car insurance premium needs to be based on annual mileage, car parking location, address, security and safety systems, age, gender, modifications, continual travel, coverage excess, no-claims protection bonus, legal fees and much more. Based on the legion of factors that car insurance companies seem to take into consideration, it seems that car insurance companies have introduced these factors in the name of added profit instead of added protection. If this were the case, then it seems like motorists are paying insurance to support and protect insurance.

With these factors, motorists just can’t help but ask questions. Like, why should annual mileage figures be noted down when there has been no reduction? As for a driver’s postcode, why don’t drivers get a reduction when they are from a bad postcode but park their car in a good area? As for age, it shouldn’t be considered as a factor because it is discriminating. Using gender as a car insurance factor has just proven that point recently when the European Court of Justice banned insurers from using gender as a factor in assessing a driver’s premium.

Insurers can often be misleading. Whilst most insurers, in our first year, would promise us to receive the whole amount for a replacement, car prices drop by almost 50% in a year whilst car insurance costs rise continually. And still, these factors are never taken into account. With the knowledge also that in the event of a write off, insurance providers would only pay market value. In effect, the whole operation is just a rip-off. Hopefully, with the event of the new car insurance summit headed by Prime Minister David Cameron, things will start to change in the car insurance industry and motorists can, once again, enjoy the nostalgic car insurance premiums they once used to have.

A Little Black Box can Help Male and Female Drivers Save on Their Car Insurance Premiums

car insurance premium 300x199 A Little Black Box can Help Male and Female Drivers Save on Their Car Insurance PremiumsWhen the ruling was finally approved by the European Court of Justice to ban using gender as a car insurance quote factor, car insurance companies have been searching for a solution to keep motorists on the road. This is in spite of the fact that 98% of all driving convictions have been committed by male drivers.

Young male drivers are the motorists who receive the most expensive car insurance premiums on the market. Yet, coming this December 2012, female motorists will be soon joining the club. As stated by the UK Treasury, the status quo between male and female drivers will soon be nonexistent. This is because of the estimated £ 920 million a year amount that will be brought forward by women drivers under the age of 45. Male driver, on the other hand, will be expected to pay £ 620 million less than their overall total last year.

One of the possible factors that car insurance companies have seen to be a solution to this ever-growing problem is the use of the ‘black box’ or telematics technology.

A black box is a recent technological advancement with the capability of gathering all telematic data and keeping it in its database. This is because of the fact that a black box includes GPS and mobile communications technology which will be connected to a port in your car so that all of the data will be then sent to your insurer. And since the black box has the capacity to tell where you were a minute ago and one minute after, it can gage how fast you were driving and if you were going above the allotted speed limit in the area. Apart from this, braking, accelerating and sudden swerves will also be closely monitored and sent to your car insurance providers. So, if you get an adrenaline rush or a certain thrill whilst driving at 100mph, that little black box installed into your car will be telling your insurer just how careful you were driving your car.

The black box is being marketed towards young driver’s market significantly and heavily because they are the drivers who are being affected by these expensive car insurance premiums. If young drivers will drive on their best behavior and retain safety whilst driving, it is possible for both male and female young drivers to retain cheaper car insurance premiums.

Thousands of Drivers are Victims of Car Insurance Scams

Car Insurance Scams 300x189 Thousands of Drivers are Victims of Car Insurance ScamsThere are at least 20,000 drivers in theUKwho have succumbed to fraudulent  by ‘ghost brokers’. This much has been gathered after a poll was revealed recently.

This multi-million car insurance fraud is operated by scammers who focus their efforts in victimizing motorists who are in search for a cheaper car insurance deal. And since car insurance premiums have continued to rise during the past years, there are a lot of motorists who find the notion of a cheaper car insurance premium appealing. According to the poll, the common motorists that these fraudsters target are pensioners, young motorists and immigrants who are living in theUKyet originate from other countries.

Drivers who succumb to this tempting offer do not realize that while they have attained a cheaper car insurance deal, they are open to prosecution because their insurance policy is worth nothing.

These ghost brokers are known to commonly trade over the internet and through newsagents. The individuals who advertise these fraudulent deals are most likely acting as middlemen. Once they have gotten hold of a customer, they will get hold of actual car insurance companies to arrange insurance coverage.

While these insurance fraudsters contact real and legitimate fraudsters, they usually get a policy which is lesser than the required insurance coverage by law. Also, most fraudsters ask for cash payments to pay off the premiums and then pay off the premiums using stolen or illegitimate credit cards.

In other noted cases, some ‘ghost brokers’ apply for genuine car insurance policies yet alter some of the personal details on the application to bring down the cost of insurance. This would leave the policy holder with nothing but an invalid insurance policy.

The scale of fraudulent car insurance deals has grown to an extent that the government has assigned a ‘fraud team’ to clean up the insurance industry. Also, the City ofLondonpolicemen have joined forces with the fraud team to combat car insurance fraud. The newly-forced insurance fraud team is better known as the IFED or Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department. They are being funded by the insurance industry and being supervised by the City of Londonforce.

In accordance with these recently gathered facts, a car insurance expert from the Association of British Insurers has spoken about this issue. Based on what he said, “Drivers must not fall for cheap car insurance deals being offered by individuals that you meet in the supermarket. If the deal someone is offering you seems too good to be true, then it most likely is. For any doubts, you can always check with the Financial Services Authority to see if the individual you are dealing with is legitimate.”

Car Insurance Company’s Poll Speaks of a Fear Amongst Motorists

Car Insurance Company’s 300x207 Car Insurance Company’s Poll Speaks of a Fear Amongst MotoristsBefore the end of 2011, a lot of car insurance companies advised British motorists to drive and park their cars safely. This is due to the persistent drunk-driving and car theft that occurs during the Christmas season.

Now, British drivers seem to be in perpetual fear of having their vehicles stolen. This is in spite of the fact that statistics for car theft has fallen.

According to a newly released poll, motorists fear having their cars broken into or even stolen. With around 2,500 drivers in theUKtaking part in the poll, the percentage of fearful motorists was at 74 %. This current anxiety could possibly be linked to the general since of disquiet due to the economic state of the country.

InEast MidlandsandYorkshire, the drivers are the most worries as compared to other motorists in different parts of the country. 80 % of drivers from this region continually worry about having their car stolen. Drivers inScotland, on the other hand, seem to be the less worried with 63 % of motorists afraid of having their car stolen.

According to the car insurance company that has conducted the poll, this certain fear is unfounded because the numbers of car claims for stolen cars have actually lessened. During the past ten years, there have been lesser and lesser cases of car theft.

Last year, less than 0.16 % of car insurance policy holders have had their vehicles stolen. This is in contrast with the 0.54 % of motorists who have had their car stolen ten years earlier.

The car insurance company also added that if their statistics will be taken into consideration, it can be seen that the car crime in out country has indeed fallen and that all of this worry is not necessary.

According to their spokesperson, “The country is now going through a general sense of unsettledness and this could be seen as the major reason for all of anxiety. After all, our vehicles are one of our most treasured possessions. However, car manufacturers are getting better and better at their craft and they often include excellent security features to each vehicle that is being manufactured. This has to be one of the reasons why the car crime statistics in the country has lessened with each passing year. After all, now our vehicles are more difficult to break into and much more difficult to steal.”

Car Insurance Companies Worry About Gender-Related Price Hikes

Car Insurance Companies 300x156 Car Insurance Companies Worry About Gender Related Price HikesOne ofBritain’s largest car insurance providers, The Royal Bank ofScotland, is taking part in the usage of the black box technology. With this telematics technology on their side, insurance providers are rendered more capable in monitoring and calculating the risk that each motorist presents while driving.

With the European ban slowly getting into action, car insurance companies are afraid of losing customers due to the exorbitant insurance premiums that they would be forced to administer. Hence, the once expensive telematics technology is now considered as a possible saving grace by certain insurers.

According to James Rakow, an insurance partner at Deloitte, “There is certainly a renewed interest in the telematics technology and the gender-ban directive is not the least of the reasons for it being so.”

Female drivers are known to pay less in insurance premiums than male policyholders. This is hugely due to the fact that statistics show women as more careful driver. However, by the start of next year (2012) this will start to change as the gender-ban will be taken into action. The estimated increase in women’s insurance coverage rates is currently at 11 %.

Car insurance providers are afraid that the expected 11 % increase in women’s premiums could drive women out of the insurance market altogether. This is why telematics is regarded as a saving grace because its effectiveness could help the retain revenue while still following the insurance directive.

Richard King, chief executive at Ingenie, has mentioned that with the interest of the insurance industry intensifying, the prices of black boxes are starting to lower. The black box was first introduced to the market by ex-football player Gary Lineker in order to promote the technology.

According to Richard King, “The telematics technology has become a lot more affordable and a lot more advanced. I believe that it has reached its tipping point last year.”

Aviva Insurance,Britain’s second largest insurance provider, has mentioned that they had to give up their first trial of the telematics technology due to staggering overhead costs. This trial headed by Aviva Insurance was the first ever major telematics trial in theUnited Kingdomwhich occurred back in 2009. According to their results before they closed down the trial, there were 27 % cuts in car insurance premiums which allowed insurers to reduce premiums by nearly 33 %.

Telematics technology is slowly gaining its ground throughoutEuropeand the rest of the world. In theUnited Statesalone, around 60 % of car insurers have been accounted on taking part in this upheaval. Hopefully, as time goes by, more insurance companies in other countries would also be open to this technology.

Car Insurance Companies Speak Up Against Uninsured Driving

car insurance companies Car Insurance Companies Speak Up Against Uninsured DrivingA couple of car insurance companies are now asking the government to make a move with regards to motorists driving without a car insurance coverage. According to these companies, the current penalty rates of uninsured motorists are mediocre and do not enforce motorists to follow the governments guidelines in terms of insuring against road fatalities.

According to some recently gathered statistics, one out of every twenty five British motorists are driving without the security and legal requirement of the government. This means that over 2 million British motorists are disregarding the law and deliberately yielding car insurance laws. Unsurprisingly, most of these motorists are young drivers under the age of 25. Across the whole ofEurope, this is the largest estimated number of uninsured drivers. For instance,Germanyhas 1 uninsured driver out of every 500 motorists.

The Motor Insurance Bureau has estimated that the number of uninsured drivers in theUnited Kingdomaccumulates an estimate of £ 380 million worth of damages. Hence, without an insurance to cover their own costs, around £ 30 is added to the car insurance costs of insured drivers. Furthermore, motorists without insurance are the drivers which have the highest risk of being involved in a car accident – which subsequently means there is much less chance of being able to pursue an accident claim against them.

Various car insurance companies and insurance organizations have tried to find the main reason as to this ever growing problem. The most likely reason that is evident is the staggering costs of car insurance, especially insurance for young drivers.

One spokesperson mentioned that, “It is certainly unfair for the majority of insured drivers to endow to the minorities angst. This is not only wrong but it also makes our British roads a more expensive and dangerous place to drive in. What are evidently needed are sterner rules and penalties set upon these types of drivers. Currently, an average car insurance rate is set at £ 900. With penalties for uninsured driving set at around £ 200 and a 6-point driving penalty point, the numbers simply do not add up. This would seem more tempting to young drivers than to get an insurance coverage. There truly needs to be a better incentive to urge young motorists to get an insurance coverage.”

With the recent Continuous Insurance Enforcement plan in operation, what are really needed now are sterner penalties to make these uninsured drivers see the advantages of getting a car insurance coverage. One of the possible stricter penalties may be a car confiscation or even an automatic driving ban.

Association of British Insurers’ Director Speaks Up Against Fraud and Uninsured Driving During Conference

car insurance coverage 300x199 Association of British Insurers’ Director Speaks Up Against Fraud and Uninsured Driving During ConferenceIn a campaign to spread safety awareness among young drivers, the Association of British Insurers has outlined 5 top priorities that relate to driving safely and car insurance coverage.

It has been estimated that everyday, around 18 young motorists are killed or injured while driving on the road. In a desperate move to reduce these shocking numbers, the organization behind car insurance providers has decided to create a safety awareness campaign.

During the ABI Motor Conference yesterday, the director of ABI, Otto Thoresen stated that, “As a country with some of the busiest roads in the world, insurance providers must be focused on the safety and providing the best coverage towards their policy holders.”

“One of the best ways to make this possible is by creating a widespread awareness among young drivers, who make up the majority of motorists involved in road casualties. Five years back car insurance companies called for certain measures, such as a minor learning timeframe to take care of these accidents, but within each day there are nearly 20 young drivers who are either killed or badly injured on our British roads.”

“Insurance companies have already embraced the ‘black box system’ which allows them to reward young drivers for safe driving. However, insurers cannot do this by themselves. We are calling upon the government to help us make all of this possible. This is probably the best time to consider having a zero tolerance for drink-and-drive motorists under the age of 25, graduated licensing and restrictions on driving during the wee-hours of the night or morning.”

The Association of British Insurers has also highlighted other priorities like the increasing costs of whiplash, compensation and uninsured driving. “With one motorist claiming whiplash per minute, insurers try to seek for a better method of identifying legitimate and authentic claims. The overdue reform to compensate genuine claimants, prohibit fraud and remove legal costs that are due to personal injury claim cases.

“Early next year (2012), there will be new initiatives to fight fraudulent claims. This is because of the new insurance police unit and insurance fraud register that will be opened. In lieu of these changes, it is deemed probable that uninsured driving will gradually become a thing of the past because of the penalties that will be forced against them if caught.”

ABI director added, “There are not a lot of insurance products that provoke opinion like car insurance. Policy holders only naturally expect quality to the products that they purchase from us. The insurance industry must strive to up its game and make sure that all expectations are met.”

Government Campaign to Address Rising Car Insurance Premiums

Car Insurance premium 300x200 Government Campaign to Address Rising Car Insurance PremiumsWith the continuous increases in car insurance premiums, British motorists are gradually being forced off the road. It is because of this fact that the British government and various motoring committees have decided to place their heads together in order to find a solution.

As of a recent date, it has been decided that a cross government campaign is quite necessary in finding a solution to drive down the staggering costs of auto insurance premiums.

The Transport Select Committee chairwoman, Louise Ellman, has reiterated the fact that motorists are slowly forced from using their vehicles on the road because they can now no longer afford to do so.

Labor Members of Parliament have told the House of Commons that car insurance premiums continue to rise despite the fact that safety measures have been installed. One clear cause of blame was personal injury fraudsters and claim management firms that play a huge role in increasing costs for car insurance.

Louise Ellman has mentioned that, “One particular car insurance company has made widespread surveys throughout theUKand the quoted car insurance premiums have doubled compared to the premiums 5 years ago.”

The average premium that has been reviewed was seen to be at £ 920 while auto coverage premiums for young male drivers are at nearly £ 3,000.

One fact that was stressed on by the chairwoman of the Transport Select Committee was the rates that have been soaring forward despite the fact that there have been plenty of improvements in terms of the roads, car safety and other safety precautions.

Fraudulent claimants and claim management firms forcibly encourage motorists to make multiple claims. It is because of this that theUKgovernment has been looking into abolishing client referral fees that claim firms pay out to insurers.

According to statistics and extensive research for this governmental campaign, it has been made known that fraudsters and claim management firms have been causing an additional cost of around £ 80 to honest motorists. If this may go on, motorists who actually have an insurance coverage may be forced to cut their insurance policy and file their car as an ‘off-road vehicle”.

Also, to those drivers who will be caught driving without an insurance coverage, they will be receiving much more than just a measly fine.

Conservative MP, Karl McCartney, has demanded legal action to be enforced in regards with uninsured drivers. This is because of the fact that since they have only been shelling out low fines, they have not become inclined to apply for a car insurance policy. Hence, uninsured drivers will most likely expect a larger fine and heavier verdict.

Car Insurance Premiums Cost More for Singles than for Married Couples

Car Insurance Premiums Cost More 300x200 Car Insurance Premiums Cost More for Singles than for Married CouplesCar insurance rates have been a cause of distraught to many motorists. With the ever-increasing premiums, garage repair costs and petrol prices; it is certainly hard for one to save a penny nowadays. And even with the current slight decreases in car insurance costs, premiums are still at a staggering height. This is why a consumer research website has kept track of the changes within the car insurance industry. This consumer research site has released some figures in accordance with their newest survey. According to them, out of 12 leading car insurance companies, 8 of them admitted to charge singles and divorcees more in car insurance premiums compared to couples.

In a few particular cases, the evident difference between a single car insurance premium and a married car insurance premium could be as much as 25 %. This is despite the fact the coverage and driver status is both the same. Hence, the difference of 25 % is all based on the marital status of a person.

Within the survey of the consumer research site, they have stated a certain case to prove their findings. It showcased the price of a car insurance premium for a 27 year old, divorced man. It was shown on his policy that his premium was 28 % higher than if he had declared himself as married.  In other particular cases, it has been known that the difference between other policies based on the marital status is at 10 %.

On another note, the consumer research company has also made it a point to look into the importance of completing car insurance provider’s questions. According to them, they have seen the importance in completing filling up the form.

However, they found out that if a person will tick the relationship status box ‘undisclosed’ instead of ‘single’, the person will be granted a lower premium than if he ticked the box ‘single’. This is probably the main reason why the number of fraudulent cases has doubled in terms of filing car insurance.

Upon the conclusion of the survey, this particular consumer research asked the 8 leading car insurance companies why they charged more to people whom were single or divorced. They said that the car insurance premium figure was based on the claims history and on their own personal company research. However, statistics seem to say otherwise. In accordance to this new-found trend, it is becoming more and more important to shop around for cheaper car insurance premiums.

1 out of 5 Drivers would Switch Car Insurance Providers for £25 Savings

Car Insurance Providers 300x199 1 out of 5 Drivers would Switch Car Insurance Providers for £25 SavingsAccording to an independent consumer research, one out of 5 motorists would abandon their current car insurance provider if they could save £25 off another car insurance policy.

Around 22% of desperate drivers would deem it appropriate to give up their current policy if they could find another car insurance provider with whom they’ll be able to save at least £20. This independent research was achieved by an online consumer research body, MoneySupermarket.com.

This comparison site has also deduced that motorists would gladly switch providers if they could garner an average saving of £54. According to their comprehensive research, one out of 4 motorists would choose to immediately renew their policy with their existing car insurance provider rather than shop around for a cheaper one. However, if a policy were made known to them that lessened their current policy by £75-£80, they would decidedly be tempted to abandon their current insurer. On another note, shopping around for cheap car insurance during renewal time can prove to be a huge blessing because motorists could garner a saving of nearly £350!

When one would look at Britain regionally, motorists from the South Western parts would shift policy providers for an amount of £43. Londoners, on the other hand, prefer a saving more than £70. The comprehensive survey and research have also found that age differences also have different preferences. Drivers over 55 would like to make a saving of at least £50 whilst motorists aged 18-34 would like to save more than £60.

In regards with this independent study, Pete Harrison of MoneySupermarket.com has said that; “British drivers are feeling very cash-strapped at the moment and are searching for ways to lessen their costs. It is quite unsurprising to find that our research would yield results stating that drivers would switch insurers for a saving of £25. The drivers whom are indecisive about shopping around and whom prefer to renew their policies with their current provider are losing savings just because they do not want to scour the market for a better deal.”

Unsurprisingly, the top reason why motorists would choose to switch providers is because of the price. It has been noted that almost 70 % of British motorists would choose a different car insurance provider if they could come across a deal that has the same coverage or better. Another 7 % of motorists would switch insurance providers if they were given added benefits like cash back offers, gift vouchers or free breakdown coverage. In addition to this, it has been noted that customer service was not regarded as a priority because only 2% of motorists stated so.

Car Insurance Scam Exposed in Hammond

car wreck 300x240 Car Insurance Scam Exposed in HammondOne reason why our car insurance rates have been going up is because of the various car insurance scams. As of lately, a woman from Hammond has been alleged of scamming certain car insurance companies for almost three consecutive years. From 2007 all throughout 2009, Shinita Mosley (Shinita Smith) has been scamming and defrauding the car insurance companies in order to receive an aid to attend the Indiana University. This information came from the U.S court within the District of Hammond. Shinita Mosley has also been known to come into agreement with the prosecutors.

In accordance with the information that has been filed against Shinita Mosley, she started working in late 2007 to arrange various scenes to become fake sites for accidents. In one recorded instance, Shinita was known to have had an accident in her Grand Am. This happened in August of 2007. She filed an insurance claim on her behalf and of a child who wasn’t even her own. She was sent a check one month after she filed a claim. Another instance that involved Shinita Mosley and an insurance claim was when she was allegedly hijacked.

All of this information comes from records that have been kept. However, within these records, the total amount of money that she has received from the car insurance companies has not been stated. Yet the victims have been taken note of. Among her victims are Farmer’s Insurance Company, Hartfort Car Insurance, All State Information and State Farm Car Insurance.

Upon submission of a car insurance application, there are various pieces of information that are required. However, it appears that Shinita Mosley did not declare the financial aid that she has been receiving from a charity in Illinois. This aid was supposedly for child care. Unfortunately, it was all part of her lies.

Since Shinita Mosley has been able to arrange a plea agreement, she is going to plead guilty to seven counts of insurance fraud and three other separate offenses. These latter offences are mail fraud, statement falsification and financial aid fraud. Most of these offences are charged with an imprisonment sentence of two decades. Also, she has agreed to pay back the restitution to all of the victims.